Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday recap

My birthday this year was epic and wonderful.  I honestly thought that nothing would top my 30th, for which my then-boyfriend of 8 months organized a party at Pete’s Dueling Pianos in Addison where I sang and drank the night away with friends and my immediate family then begged for tacos on the ride home.  Last year, we had a strict no-gift, but nice dinner policy in place due to the wedding eating our brains and other necessary resources.  But this year really did take the glory away from any other birthday I’ve had.  

I literally had a birthday weekend.  We did pretty much anything I wanted.  Anything at all.  

Friday night, I used a “birthday” coupon for Texas Roadhouse which gifted me a side of ribs with the purchase of an entrée.  The hubby ordered a chicken fried steak.  We each picked a side for ourselves, since the entrees come with two sides.  Then I had the ribs with my side.  It was actually the perfect portion since I can’t help but eat at least one cinnamon-buttered roll and a gazillion peanuts.  

Saturday was deemed celebration day!  My aunt treated us to brunch at the Original Pancake House, where I discovered that buckwheat pancakes might be the tastiest pancake in the world.  Immediately following pancake and omelet overload, we met the Bringer of the Fun at Reaper for my dice (which I showed you).  I was a little shocked how akin to buying jewelry the whole process was.  I’m excited to use them!  Then it was off to Rahr….which I also told you about.  And again, go there!  Our lovely beers left us mighty hungry, so we tried a dive in Denton I’d heard good things about.  I love a good dive!  Fuzzy’s Tacos wasn’t quite what I expected though.  It struck me far more like Chipotle meets Taco Cabana.  The tacos were so-so, but the queso we shared was heavenly.  I could have eaten the entire bowl on my own.  After dinner, two epic battles of Zombies, a board game, were waged at our dining table.  I lost both games, but proved to be a good Zombie killer….and I got to use my dice.  Turns out killing zombies is hunger-inducing as well, so we trekked out for frozen yogurt.  I just love that frozen yogurt is all the rage!  I’ve always loved the stuff, but it was so hard to find!  Now, just turn a corner and there will be a fro-yo shop.  Excellent!  Saturday was, in a word, perfect.

Sunday, my family had a big lunch.  My birthday being the next day happened to be a happy bonus.  The lunch was not actually FOR my birthday.  Still, it gave my mom and excuse to buy me a carrot cake and make me wear a pink tiara.  Now, how awesome it is to run around at 32 in a football jersey (my gift from the hubby), holding the football for your nephew to kick it, eat great food and carrot cake and wear a pink tiara?!  Totally awesome.  Oh, and as proof of my utter and complete grama gave me one of those discount "passport" books as my birthday gift and I was VERY excited to get it! 

Monday, my best friend and I met for lunch since she goes into work at noon.  We met at Bread Winners in Plano.  I arrived way too early because I wasn’t sure what to expect with traffic and was greeted with a plate of sweet bread and muffins!  I already liked this place.  Then they gave me perhaps one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had.  I think I drank five cups.  The food and conversation were completely wonderful… much so that we accidentally had a two and a half hour breakfast that make her a tiny bit late for work.  Oops!  We just lost track of all time.  At this point, the birthday took a back seat to the chores I neglected the rest of the weekend.  So, my actual birthday activities included grocery shopping, cooking, some cleaning, laundry, a dog bath, and a power outage!  Then more birthday cake!  

It was possibly my best birthday ever.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

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