Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 3, sorta

Another Monday; another run.    There was one small problem with my plan: I totally forgot to LOOK at the training recommendations for Week 3!  Um, yeah, that would be important, right?  I know, sometimes I wonder if I left my brain in bed and my body went to work without it!

Last week, my repeated Week 2 got a little derailed due to unexpected obligations and a doctor appointment.   I managed to run in the gym last Monday, but not again that week.  I did, however, try to do the run/walk intervals while walking Riley on Thursday.  She was surprisingly amiable to my plan.  I thought I’d have to stop more or drag her along.  Not really.  She seemed to enjoy that I was jogging more than usual and trotted happily alongside me.  

Being that I didn’t want to repeat Week 2 a third time, I was determined to up my run time, even without knowing the “correct” training schedule.  I set out with my intervals and simply alternated two minutes walking and two minutes jogging for the entire workout.  For the first time, I felt GREAT the entire time.  My knee didn’t hurt on my left leg.  My toes and ankle on my right left weren’t in pain every time my foot struck the treadmill.  I didn’t have to coax myself to keep going after 10 minutes.  And after, I felt loose and pain free.  It was a totally different experience than I’d become used to.  And I am thankful for that!

The real week 3 is an interval of 1.5 minutes jogging, 1.5 minutes walking, 3 minutes jogging, and 3 minutes walking repeated twice.  We’ll see if I can actually manage to do the proper training routine on Wednesday!  

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