Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gamer girl?

I played in my third D&D session on Saturday.  

Full disclosure: I have my own dice, and I picked them out myself.  I made my own character (with a lot of help but she’s definitely of my creation).  I have laughed at insider D&D jokes on at least three separate occasions.   I used the proper language when talking with someone outside of my husband’s gaming circle.  I hate to admit this, but all the signs point to me being a gamer.  Even our best man agreed that this is the case.  The same best man that put me up to this.  

I’ll also admit that my sweet, sweet husband - in order to ensure that he did not have to live with a whiny, unpleasant, all around b*tchy wife - gave me ample opportunity to BACK OUT of this obligation.  But I didn’t.  Not because I thought I’d like it.  Oh no!  It was more out of curiosity and in the spirit of sharing in what the other person loves.  He does, after all, dress up and go to Renaissance festivals with me.  I’d tolerate it being in my house, but that is a far cry from sharing in it.  

Trust me, I’m far more shocked than anyone else that I’ve actually enjoyed my experiences gaming.  I’m learning what I like and dislike (less talky; more fighty!) and even find myself thinking “what would my character’s reaction be to this situation?” when making decisions that shape our next moves.  I love that, occasionally, I get a joke that no one else seemed to get, or a high five for an awesome move.  I enjoy being included in (instead of just listening to) the conversations after the fact.  I am enjoying being a part of my husband’s story instead of a constant spectator, a roll which I had very often struggled with.  

Gaming is my husband’s greatest passion. (If it isn’t, I’ve been sorely misled!)  It means too much to him for me to continue to turn a blind eye to it.  My hope for playing, overall, is that we get to share some fun stories and spend time together…and just maybe I’ll be a little contributing factor to the thing that makes him the happiest.  

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