Saturday, October 30, 2010

Non-cinnamon rolls

Okay, I have a cinnamon obsession.  My husband does not like cinnamon; it might actually be an allergy of sorts.  Either way, I intentionally try to work around his non-cinnamon eating ways.  So, as you can imagine, cinnamon rolls are totally out of the question. 

Enter non-cinnamon rolls?

Yeah, I went there.  I took inspiration from Mama Pea and Heather at Side of Sneakers, even though both of their recipes very obviously contain cinnamon. 

I used the dough recipe from SoS, substituting the 1/2 t of cinnamon for 1/4 t ground ginger and 1/4 t all spice.  I aslo used real, organic 2% milk instead of almond milk and added 1/4 c sucanat.  I tried to use the dough setting on my food processor since I don't have a mixer.  That was an utter failure!  The mixture ended up coming out the bottom of my processor bowl!  Insanely messy.  So, that meant lots of hand kneading.  Even the husband kneaded! 

Once I finally had a nice, non-sticky dough rolled out beautifully into a sheet; it was time for filling.  Obviously, I can't do the butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon combo that usually goes in cinnamon rolls.  Instead, I slathered a layer of McCutcheon's pumkpin butter that I found at Central Market.  They were doing a tasting.  It was too amazing to pass up. Next, I sprinkled brown sugar all over the pumpkin butter then just a very light sprinkling of all spice and ground ginger all over.  Roll into a log and cut.  That was definitely the easy part! 

These babies went into the fridge to be enjoyed Saturday morning with D&D.  I did, however, bake the ends last night since they didn't fit in the pan (yeah, that's why.....).  They were doughy, soft, and just perfectly sweet!  Even I didn't miss the cinnamon!   Despite the mess and mixer issues, these are totally worth it. 

I hope the boys like them! 

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