Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vacation delimna

I realize I didn’t post anything yesterday morning.  Somehow, in the fun that was taking Riley to the dog park and cooking a kicking dinner, I managed NOT to post anything the previous night.  Then in the morning, inspiration just didn’t hit.  Since I didn’t want to post mere trash in the two minutes I had to spare, I thought I’d just post late.  And onto the post….

Since we’ve had Riley, we’ve only been out of the area once.  It was to Turner Falls, and she came with us.  Well, we have a possible trip coming up soon, and Riley can’t come.  So, we’re stuck with trying to figure out what to do with the puppy while we’re away.  

Now, I know the easy answer is find a kennel or ask someone we know to watch her.  Simple, right?!  Well, yeah, it should be, but we are finding that it is not at all that simple.  

On the friends and family option, the issue is that Riley is still a puppy.  She still has accidents.  She’s still teething and therefore tries to chew on things.  ’m afraid we’d send her to someone’s home, and she’d destroy something.  Possibly something valuable that would put a strain on us to replace.  Also, Riley still tests boundaries to see what she can get away with.  We’ve worked very hard to be very diligent and consistent with her.  I can only imagine what someone else would let her get away with because of those oh-so-cute puppy dog eyes and little whimpers she lets out!  I am not sure either of us are willing to retrain the dog if she’s allowed to run amuck for two whole days!  I shudder at the thought!

So, board her, right?  Simple.  Lots of places have boarding services.  Just drop her off…..with strangers….to live in a hole….and miss us.  Drop MY BABY off with STRANGERS.  Um, does anyone else see an issue here??  Yeah, apparently I am one of “those” pet parents.  I don’t want to leave her with just anyone!  I want to make sure that she is allowed out of a cage and that she gets daily attention.  I want to make sure it’s clean and that the workers are all friendly dog loving people.  

We’ve been looking at kennels all day.  The reviews for some of these places are just wretched.  If the reviews are mostly good, then we probably can’t afford the place because it’s a “weekend retreat spa for dogs” with services that I don’t even treat myself to!  

The other thing?  We can’t pick her up on Sunday for many of these places, and I am simply not willing to board her for longer than necessary.  Can you imagine picking your puppy up on Monday morning only to put her in her kennel so that you can now leave her and go to work?!  Yeah, that’s just begging for her to seriously destroy something to spite you.  And I don’t want my little Ri to spite me.  

I’ll be stopping by one of the possible contenders tomorrow to see if it is sufficient for our pup.  If not, we aren’t going to be able to take this trip…..or any trip for a while.  And that’s not a great solution either.

Has anyone else run into these issues?

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