Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Celebrating little bundles

I got to do something a little fun and out of the ordinary this week.  I made candy!  Well, sort of.  This is what my family would deem making candy, anyhow, and it's almost always reserved for the holidays.  Not this time.  This time it is for a celebration of another variety!  It's for my expectant coworker's baby shower!

She chose pretzel sticks to be coated in white candy coating.  Sorry, but I just can't bring myself to call it chocolate because it isn't.  It's almond bark.  Almond bark is THE product for coating, hands down!
I actually had to melt the almond bark in a pyrex pie plate because I didn't have a wide enough bowl to accommodate the sticks.  So, the method was far more ROLLING than dipping as I literally rolled each stick along the bottom of the pie plate in order to coat the pretzel as thoroughly as possible. 

Once dipped and set a bit, I put two drops of red food coloring into the remaining almond bark.  There was maybe a half cup left, so two drops created a very delicate baby girl pink.

The intention was to drizzle the pink on.  The almond bark had other ideas.  Though I reheated it to it's melt-iest consistency, the bark refused to actually drizzle.  Left with no other options, I did what any good candy making helper would do....I FLUNG the pink bark at the sticks violently coating the pretzels, wax paper, and a good portion of my kitchen counters and walls in delicate baby pink.  Upon telling the expectant mother this, she laughed and said that being a little messy was "in". Oh good.  ;)

Here's to my coworker, her man, and their excitedly awaited bundle!  (Clink pretzel sticks here!)

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