Sunday, October 10, 2010

Score of the day

We celebrated my birthday yesterday - since my birthday is on Monday and who likes Mondays?!  The day involved brunch with my aunt, being gifted my dice, tacos, and a board game.  But the SCORE of the day was my idea to go to the Rahr brewery in Ft. Worth for a tour.  I was trying to find something for us to do that we'd all enjoy.  It was just my husband and the Bringer of the Fun, so I wanted to make sure I didn't pick anything too fru-fru or girly.  Well, all three of us love beer.  Perfect fit, really.

So, we arrive at ten to 2, because the website stated that the brewery tour started at 2.  It also said that it was $7 and you get a glass and three beers.  Somehow, I thought that meant a little cheap glass and three tastes.  Still, I've always wanted to tour a brewery, and I have an odd, inexplicable love for Ft. Worth.  Why not, right? 

We find the brewery, and there is not a parking space in sight anywhere near it.  We had to go several blocks just to find a space.  We all agreed that, surely, this traffic was not because of the brewery tour. 

In a way, we were totally right.  It was NOT for the tour, it was for the deal!  We paid out $7 each and were handed three raffle-style tickets and told to pick up a pint glass from the table next to us.  The pint glasses are thick, quality glass with the Rahr logo on both sides.  There was a band play, a really good band too.  There was a table of free food (tipping appreciated) and three tap locations set up.  I have never had any Rahr beer.  So, I walked up and tried to read something about the beer off the tap pull.  When the gentleman behind the tap realized what I was doing, he told me that we could taste any of their beers before we redeemed the tickets.  All three of us tried what the had and then got full pints in exchange for one ticket.  Then it hit.....each ticket was for one full pint of fresh-from-the-barrel microbrewed local beer!  Three full pints and a pint glass and food for $7 per person people!  We declared that we'd found heaven and settled into good conversation for about and hour and a half.  We weren't able to have all three beers.  We'd have needed to get there when they opened at 1.  Still, we definitely felt that we got our money's worth!  And the beer was very good.  It was a totally wonderful birthday celebration.

This is a total must-do if you're in the DFW area and like beer.  Do this.  They do it every Saturday. 


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