Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall for a day

Saturday finally felt like fall here in the Dallas area.  It was warm and muggy with rain when I left for the baby shower.  A down pour and a few tornadoes later, it was downright chilly!  Gotta love Texas weather.

Once home safely, the hubby and I reveled in the coolness of the day!  We LOVE cooler temps.  (Ehm, we honeymooned in Baltimore in February after the worst snowstorm on record!)  Saturday was no exception.  We might be the only two people that get giddy over HAVING to put on long lounge pants instead of shorts.  Hubby even took it over the top with a sweatshirt.  

He admitted that it might be a bit overzealous but he was ceasing the cold weather before it left again.  Which it has.  Monday was scheduled to break our record high.  I believe it missed by three degrees or something minuscule like that.  

I’m really ready for the weather to turn nice and cool and stay that way for a while.  After all, I like my fall/winter wardrobe way more than I like my summer (no spring….this is TX, we don’t get a spring….or really a fall for that matter).  Yeah, I’m ready to rock this outfit again for sure (well, mostly just the boots which you can't see)!  

Oh, and I love the snuggles that come with cooler temps too.  The snuggles definitely trump the clothes.  Bring it on!

Are any of you looking forward to the changing of the seasons (all two of them!)?  

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