Friday, October 1, 2010

Sucked in

Oh television, our love/hate relationship is really at an all time high.  I long for your offerings of adventurous reality television, night time dramas, and "white trash" programming.  Yet, I hate getting sucked in and unproductive for such spans of time!

Is anyone else having this problem with the new season.  Our TiVo list just keeps getting longer and longer.  We just cannot manage to stay current on all the silly stuff we want to watch.  Part of it is because I refuse to be the couch potato I'd become comfortable with even a year ago.  Another issue is that with Riley, sitting and watching a show is HARD.  She demands attention.  As I type this, she's staring at me and whining intensely because we aren't getting her bone from under the ottoman.  Now, she PUT the bone there, mind you.  It's so that I have to get up! 

I got up.  She played for 2.5 seconds.  Guess where the toy is now?  Yeah.  That's right.  Under the ottoman.  Now, I wonder if I'll ever finish this episode of Parenthood?  Yeah, probably not.

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