Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Granola - Attempt #2

I enjoyed having the homemade granola for our yogurt so much last week that I decided to try a different flavor this week!  I wasn't sure what flavor at all.  Then I noticed candied orange peel in the bulk area at Central Market during my birthday grocery shopping trip.  (Don't judge, I love shopping at CM.....birthday or no.)

Orange granola?  Why not?!  So, I picked up a couple things that I thought went with granola and trekked back to the produce department for an orange.

Once home, a google search for orange granola netted this Better Homes & Gardens's recipe.  I did a few tweaks and swaps.  First, I swapped brown rice syrup for honey.  Then I added a teaspoon of ground ginger to the syrup juice mix.  The coconut was nixed but sunflower seeds were added.  Once out of the oven and cool, I mixed in about an eighth of a cup of chopped candied orange peel and candied ginger.

The result?  A semi-spicy, not at all sweet, orange-scented delight!  This one is far more savory and less sweet than the pumpkin spice granola.  It's a win but in a totally different way than the last batch!  Making granola is so easy.  I simply cannot express that more adamently.

Yay for more easy granola recipes!!!

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