Monday, October 18, 2010

Dog Tired

 This is what the puppy has looked like since class this afternoon. 

She's learning some really complex skills that take a lot of concentration.  Far more concentration than a six month old puppy can easily exert.  She had to come to us through an aisle in PetSmart with "distractions" in her patch like toys and treats on the floor.  She also started to learn how to heel today and stay while a toy was being squeaked by her head. 

Clearly, it's hard work.  She's been awake maybe an hour since 5:30 this afternoon.  It's 9:20 as I type this.  Yeah, my little girl is TUCKERED!  She's so cute when she sleeps.  And she did such a good job!  Seriously, training is the best money we've spent.   Not only did she learn something new.....she gave us an utterly peaceful evening!  


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