Monday, October 4, 2010

Granola - Attempt #1

How does a girl console herself from yet another Colt loss??  Pumpkin granola!

Because at least it tastes like a win!  And fall.  Which I really want Texas to realize that it is....actually.....officially fall.

I modified Brittany's recipe at Eating Bird Food to match what I had on hand.  I didn't want to use coconut, so I omitted it.  I didn't have coconut oil, so I used canola.  I mixed maple syrup and brown rice syrup instead of honey and agave.  I made up for the lack of sunflower seeds with extra of each of the pumpkin seeds and almonds.  I also swapped the flax for the wheat germ.  My "pumpkin pie spice" was half allspice, half ground ginger, and a few grates of fresh nutmeg since my hubby doesn't do cinnamon.  Yeah, I was determined to make it work, with or without the right stuff in my cabinets!

The verdict?!  So simple, so delicious!  I can't wait to gobble this up on top of morning smoothies and yogurts!  Really....don't ever BUY granola.  This was stupidly easy.  And you can do soooooo much.  :) 

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