Saturday, October 23, 2010

Buckwheat pancakes


A few weekends ago, my aunt took us to the Original Pancake House.  I had my first buckwheat pancakes there.  They were delicate.  They were a deep, dark brown.  They tasted nutty and delicious.  They were also supposed to be the side dish to my omelet, which I neglected for the pancakes! 

So, I bought a box of buckwheat mix the next shopping trip.  This morning, I decided to bust that mix out for breakfast.  I followed the box directions, subbing yogurt for the oil.  The batter was far too thick without the oil so I ended up splashing milk in until the consistency seemed right.  And, as I always do with mixes, I threw some flavorings in.  Today, it was vanilla extract, ground ginger, and ground allspice. 

The pancakes were not nearly as dark in color as the Original Pancake House cakes.  They were still quite nutty, though, and far more filling.  Two cakes had me stuffed, whereas I ate all three plus about a third of an omelet there.  They also weren't quite as soft, but the texture was still nice. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this mix.  I have been rather disappointed as some of the other whole grain mixes (I'm looking at you whole wheat pancake mix!  Surprisingly from the same company as the buckwheat.  Get the buckwheat.). 

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