Thursday, July 1, 2010

Big-girl toys!

I'm so excited! I ordered a REAL food processor last night. I have a puny mini-processor. It's been useful, but it's definitely limiting and in no way a finely crafted machine. Oh no. Well, in my efforts to make more things at home so that I can eliminate some of the excess and fillers from our diets, it was becoming apparent that a processor really was necessary.

So, I turned to the person that seems to be the processor queen. Ashley over at the Edible Perspective pointed me in the right direction. Her advice, along with some online reviews, guided me to the Cuisinart Prep 11. Now, this little tight wad really did not want to spend that much on a processor! does oh so much more than chop food! It also has bread dough attachments! Soon, I'll be creating wondrous nut butters, healthy at-home versions of expensive granola bars, and Alton Brown's pizza dough for the grill! SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!!! It's my first piece of truly fine kitchenware.

I cannot wait for it to arrive!

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