Tuesday, March 23, 2010

30 days

So, have you seen the reality series 30 Days? I streamed it on Netflix. It's hosted by, and on certain issues features, the guy that did Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock. The premise is that a person has to go live a life that they aren't accustomed to for 30 days to gain new insight and perspective.

Well, we've just done our first 30 days of marriage. It has actually been quite insightful. It makes me want to be a better person....for us. Mostly though, it's been utterly comfortable. I find myself doing a lot of one key thing: planning. All sorts and variations of plans are inspiring me! It's like a whole new world opened up, and I want to embrace that new place with everything I've got. We are definitely better together, and being married just makes me feel secure in a way that simply living with him couldn't. It's wonderful.

I'll fill you all in on some of the plans soon!

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