Monday, March 8, 2010

Renewed efforts

So, today starts the "I can do better than this" healthy eating plan. Last week, I looked at what I was putting in my hubby's and my lunchboxes and sort of felt ill. Everything was in an airtight, individual package. Sure, two days of the week I added a homemade main dish, but all of our snacks were bought in a box of multiples in individual packages. Of course, not all of those are back, and there are still some of them going on this week, but this time there is also something fresh. I have an apple with natural peanut butter today. I also opted out of the cheese-and-cracker type snack for fat free yogurt. I actually upgraded breakfast too. I'm having Bob's Red Mill 5 grain hot cereal. It's like oatmeal gone wild in a health food store. And tasty.

So, that's the change up today. Tomorrow is even better.

Photo from Bob's Red Mill site.

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