Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In case you forgot

About a month before the wedding, I was on the phone with my best friend and maid of honor at work because, well, she's a very busy gal and I'll take whatever time she can give me! As background, I let the gals pick any dresses they liked, so she called me to let me know she'd finally found a dress. She loved her dress so much, which was really important to me. I didn't want my friends to waste any funds on something they hated and intended to get rid of immediately after the wedding. As she was professing her love for the dress, she mentioned that she needed new shoes.....and new jewelry......and something sparkly for her hair! To which I giggle because at the time I didn't even have something sparkly for my hair. And then she said it. One of the best, most grounding things said during my wedding planning. It was awesome. It was epic. With a little giggle and a heap of sarcasm, she said "Oh....how adorable. You still think this is about you, don't you?!"

I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Then we proceeded to use the comment over and over the day before and the day of the wedding. I was a nice, snide little mantra. Because, for those couples out there that think this day is all about them, I have news for you.....it's not. It's about you, but it isn't ALL about you. If you want it to be ALL about you, perhaps you should elope. If you didn't elope, then you probably have reasons along the lines of "it would kill his mother if she couldn't see him wed". Therefore, it's about that person too, and it's about any other person whose presence at your wedding matters to you. My best friend loving her dress mattered to me. My mother-in-law getting a great view of her son's face during the ceremony mattered to me. Walking on my brother's arm mattered to me. Having my uncle pronounce me a wife to this wonderful man mattered to me. You know what else, I guarantee you that it mattered to THEM too.

Photos like this don't happen because it's all about you!

...by A Love Story Photography.

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