Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Death and taxes

Ah, the certainties in life! I finally did our taxes yesterday. I'm WAY LATE! Folks, I'm an accountant. It's just unacceptable to me to file this late. I had a little bit on my plate in February this year though (like, for instance, a fantastic wedding complete with family flying from Italy and a week-long honeymoon in Baltimore), so I'll give myself some leeway.

It's so odd to do your taxes for just a few months ago and have to fill the marital status out as a different status as you are currently. But, we opted not to have a December wedding, so we were still single on December 31st. This means I had to file two separate returns. One complicated (mine) and one almost too simple (his). On mine, I have to put in info from my cosmetics business, and I get to deduct my student loan interest. For his, I literally just filled out the info on his W-2. Huh? I haven't had so little to fill in on a tax form since I was 17! I had to chuckle at the difference in approaches here. Thankfully, neither of us owed any money! We're not getting back any sort of huge windfall, but what we are getting will go toward making an even prettier down payment on a new car for my husband. I think it's a good use for the refund. If we didn't have the car to buy, I think I'd opt for a Roth IRA. Maybe next year when we're closer to one of our financial goals. I told you, all I seem to want to do these days is plan!

Are your taxes done?

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