Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bask in the glow

After the rehearsal, it was time to get to work. I was elated at the news that people.....lots of people.....had decided, without so much as me mentioning any need of help, that they were coming to my house to do whatever it is that needed doing. Four women - four fabulous friends - showed up at my house without me asking them to. All the men went to an arcade to play laser tag. Something about that cracked me up. The girls head to work; the boys head to avoid us working. Let me note that I fully supported this decision.

The ladies and I started with spiked cappuccinos and hot cocoa then we dove into the flowers. My mom and I trekked to the flower market in Ft. Worth that morning. We came away with with 110 roses for under $200. It would have been MUCH under $200 had I been brave enough to just pick what was in stock instead of preordering anything, but I am not that brave. So, I preordered 50 roses of a specific color and the rest were from the Texas Dozen bundles that they offer. Ladies in the DFW area.....that's 15 roses for $14!!! I grabbed four of those in similar but different color combos. All of them were an orange, red, yellow mix but in different variations.

The thing about bulk prep work has been done whatsoever. We had to dethorn them and remove all of the outer petals that were not so pretty. With five people helping, that task was so quick! We had 110 roses done in under and hour. I did one bouquet completely, then my hairdresser bridesmaids did all the rest, mimicking me. She let me tie them all. Then I added the little charms that I'd made for each lady. That was icing on the cake. It finished the bouquets beautifully. We moved on to corsages and table decor after the bouquets.

We were completely done and had the car loaded in four hours. I was so pleased and so relieved. It was a fabulous time with the ladies.....with my reception playlist playing the whole time and coos of "oh I am so glad you included this song" or "oh.........I love this one......." in the background. One of the best memories of our wedding was the prep with the ladies. Who knew?!

Sorry there are no photos of this. We were all completely consumed in getting it done.

Thank you girls. You're the best!

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