Saturday, March 27, 2010

My very own dungeon

Every Saturday morning (or the occasional Sunday, if need be), my front living room turns into a lair. It's quite the funny little lair, lined with hardback books, web cams, laptops, and boys (because the only girl is on the other side of the web cam). And what is this strange ritual? It's Dungeons & Dragons time! Yeah, almost every Saturday, a D&D game is played from 10:30am to about 4pm in my front room. It's the nerdiest, cutest thing I've ever witnessed. Two people, a couple that ROCKED our wedding, video conference in via Oovoo from Colorado just to keep the games going. My husband and two of his friends take turns being the Dungeon Master, which means they run games of their own design. Running a game takes a creative mind, a heap of knowledge about the game, and patience. They love this game. And I love that it's social and keeps them close friends.

My role in this? I cook breakfast. I try to change it up every Saturday, but at this point, there's been a ton of repeats. Hey, we've been doing it at our place since we moved in here in November 2008. Anyone have any good breakfast ideas that for these gamer guys?

Oh, and if you want to see what my man and one of his friends are doing, please visit their gaming blog: Philosophia Polyhedra.

I'm off to make muffins!

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