Monday, March 15, 2010

My favorite detail

I really wanted to find something different for vases at the wedding. I didn't want to shell out for vases, and really, they just didn't have enough personality. That is to say that the ones I could afford had no personality. After looking around, I settled on wine bottles. I love colored glass, and I certainly do not mind cooking with/enjoying a glass of wine. Perfect. Well, sort of. I didn't like that they'd all be different labels. Then I didn't like them all naked. After quite a bit of playing around and searching the internet for ideas, I came up with "custom" wine labels. I used two of our engagement photos, found a lovely Italian phrase for the "name of the wine" and used two different quotes under our photo. I wrote the back label, complete with a description of the wine and a warning label. I printed the labels on cardstock and used spray adhesive to make them stick to de-labeled wine bottles. The bottles were a combined effort. Some were mine. The rest came from friends that loved the idea.

The finished product was so completely wonderful! People literally snatched them up at the end of the night. I put two away for myself, and there was actually only one spare bottle when we got home....out of 24 bottles! To me, that's definitely a sign of how much people enjoyed them. These were definitely my DIY pride and joy. A set is on my mantle, and I don't see them coming down any time soon!

Top photo by A Love Story Photography. Bottom by me. I'll post the wording on the labels tomorrow! :)

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