Friday, March 5, 2010

Good habits

So, since I put on, oh, roughly five pounds during our good-food-and-good-beer filled honeymoon, I'm trying to get back into my good habits. I'd slipped into the world of pre-packed dinners every night and getting to the gym three times a week.

Well, I can't guarantee more than three times a week even now, but I did add my bellydance class to it again this week. So, that gives me four good workouts each week instead of three. That's part one of the hot wife plan. I just don't want to be that person that lets herself go just because she's married and no important photos are on the rise!

Part two, healthier eating. I have cooked every evening since I returned. I honestly feel that helps when it comes to weight. Now, I need to work on our snacks. I've become too dependent on granola bars and grab bags of sun chips. I've been making a list this week of healthy, fun, tasty snack alternatives to help me shed this five pounds (well two pounds, I lost three this week), plus five more. On my list: fat free yogurt parfaits, edamame, cheese sticks, apples and peanut butter, cous cous or quinoa salads, bean salad, and fruit.

Does anyone have any other fun ideas for snacks? I need inspiration!

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