Friday, March 12, 2010

My Italian needs work

Week one of "I can do better" eating, gone to the gym twice, gone to belly dance class, I lost.....NADA! Sheesh. Oh well. And on to another topic.

We were honored to have four members of my husband's family fly in from Italy to attend our wedding. To me, that's huge! That tells you how important it was to them. Heck, I had friends and family from the area that ended up not attending. My dad couldn't make it from Oregon, so to have his grandmother, two aunts, and uncle come from Italy left me completely awestruck. I did try to make them feel at home, but I don't feel I did enough. I regret not having time to brush up on my Italian (yeah, I'm learning for my groom's family) in order to talk to them more. It was just so but chaotic. I never had a chance to listen to my Italian lessons, and probably wouldn't have been able to concentrate on it even if I had! My brain honestly felt like a storage unit. Thankfully, the storage unit worked fairly well and there were no major slip ups or forgotten items on my end. I just hope they felt welcomed and appreciated because they certainly were to me. If your significant other's family has different first language than yours, I highly recommend that you brush up on it well before the weeks leading to the wedding. There will not be time. I should have taken my mother-in-law's offer of a weekly Italian. I hope to make amends when I visit Italy, and actually hold a conversation with them....even if it is just a basic one!

Part of my new family....taken by Nichole.

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