Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not that one!

So, my ultra cool brother was over here last night, helping us with an installation issue (new disposal). We were talking about getting my man a new car! We're in research mode. He wanted to see the cars we were looking at, so I pulled them up on my laptop. When I got to one of them (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent), he yelped "oh come on now, don't make him drive THAT!" Doh? Apparently, I had selected a very uncool car. Suddenly, I am freaking out about this decision! I realize it's the first big purchase we'll make as a married couple, and I DO NOT want anyone to think that I just took over the decision and picked something blah or that screamed "he's taken now". I don't want that! This is his first brand spanking new car! I want it to be awesome for him. I want him to be as excited about this as I was when I drove off the lot in MY first new car, my Ruby (that's her above the day I bought her). Two of the cars got my brother's stamp of approval. So, now my focus has shifted to those. We're supposed to go test drive them on Saturday. I really hope he gets excited at that point. I'm ecstatic about it!

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