Monday, March 22, 2010

Mondays wear me out

Okay. I ran late on the first part of getting ready this morning, and therefore, missed out on the couple minutes of snuggle I get after I put my makeup on. Then, my hot breakfast cereal decided to cascade out of the bowl and into the bottom of the microwave in a most stellar fashion of hot mush. So now, I am standing at the kitchen counter eating cold cereal instead, determined that this is no indication of how my Monday is going to be.

Yesterday, I made the entire week's worth of healthy meals for my husband and I. I pre-cooked two healthy dinners as well. I have my gym bag packed and in the car. I believe my foot has healed enough to allow me to put on a tennis shoe, and so no excuses. I will be working out today. I want this to be the week I make other week aspire to be! Yes, I believe it (and I) can be just that darned good!

Wish me luck.

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