Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Details to die for

These were out wedding favors. We used lovely, plantable tags full of wildflower seeds. I actually wrote on each one of these tags in colors that blended with the wedding and the beautiful silk ribbon I'd been using. Each bag contained two freshly-made almond biscotti from Ravelin Bakery in Denton, TX. They're awesone! The biscotti were chock full of nuts and this lovely citrus zing. This tag and treat duo was meant to be a "now and later" favor. The sweet treat to remember us with your coffee the next morning. The little tag full of wildflowers that you can see well beyond our wedding as a reminder of being part of our day.

My betrothed (gotta come up with a new name for him!) and I formed an assembly line to put these little lovelies together. We were like a well-oiled machine! We knocked it all out in no time flat! I love that I have these wonderful memories of us coming together as a team to accomplish a common goal. We did it over and over during our wedding planning process. And you know what, we're a GREAT team! I thought we were, but over and over, that feeling was reinforced. This is why people get married. This and the love of friends and family.

This photo by the fabulous Nichole at A Love Story Photography. Go check her out. Now. Go on.

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