Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's in a name?

Frustration, that's what. I chose to take my husband's name. I'm not a huge feminist, and I there wasn't a compelling enough reason not to take it. So, I took it. I wanted my first name, my middle name, and his last name. Simple, right? Nope.

The DMV would not allow me to get my middle name back because five years ago when I was divorced, the divorce decree that stated I wanted to change my name back to my maiden name but failed to include my middle name in the type. So, I couldn't have my middle name back at that point. Fine. I thought, good, now I can have it back. Nope. They were required to use my maiden name as my middle name in the absence of a legal middle name because my original middle name could not be recognized because of the divorce decree! Ugh. Fine. Whatever, I will use what I want to use for everyday, but my legal name, again, is not quite what I'd hoped.

Then I tried to get my place of business to change my name. They won't change so much as my email address - which by the by was never fully changed from my old married name because it posed "too much of a hassle to change everything" - until my new social security card comes in. REALLY?! Lame.

Ladies, did any of you run into this crap?

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