Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello again!

Did you miss me?

Well, I'm a Mrs. now! We're back from Baltimore, much more relaxed and refreshed. I think I'll start off by sharing some of my absolute favorite little memories from the wedding. Hope that works for you. :)
  • My uncle's speech 7 minutes before our ceremony that nearly made me bawl....until he ended it with "and now you have 5 minutes to curtain", very matter-of-fact-ly which made me burst out laughing instead of crying.
  • Champagne shooters with the girls before we walked.
  • My groom mouthing that I looked pretty at the end of my walk.
  • The mic kicking in on the word "madness" at our ceremony.
  • The speeches. Wow. I truly love my best friend and my groom's best friend.
  • Picking up the first dance right where the audio died on the first try.
  • Line dancing and a country swing.
  • Kicking back with our bridal party after everyone else had fled the wedding early (definitely a hazard of a Sunday wedding).
To have everyone there and involved was worth all the stress and hassle. Not for something between him and I, but between us and all of them. There was joy. Overwhelming and unselfishly given. More joy than I could ever imagine.

Photo snagged from a friend's facebook of one of our tables in the reception area.


  1. I missed you!! ~Kelly

  2. Awesome! I was worried that the few days that I didn't end up posting anything would make me lose blogger brownie points.