Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh Saturday....

So, this is how I spent my Saturday night. Fun right?! There was literally a river in my front yard. A RIVER! You might not be able to see it too well in that photo, but there is literally a stream of water gushing out of the ground into the street. The city had to come out with a "suction truck" and suck water out of our front yard after dark. It was pretty obnoxious, and of course, since they were IN our yard, we felt we had to be home. They were still working in the yard when we went to bed.

And this is what they left us to wake up to. Pretty huh? Sheesh! I don't know what else they'll have to do, since it was a water main break and not something that actually belongs/is connected to our house. At least they had the courtesy to turn the water back on.

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