Sunday, March 14, 2010

Busy bee Sunday

Sorry there wasn't a post yesterday. I ran out the door early to see if I could secure a little side work. The renaissance festival that I love starts soon. I really wanted to bartend. I love talking to people and playing the part. Most of my friends are bartenders too, so it seemed the thing to do. What was NOT the thing was for them to make us stand in a line outside in direct sunlight for over three hours just to take a "math test" that took me, oh, a full sixty seconds to do (and that's just because I actually wanted to do it correctly and not make a fool of myself). Then tell me to wait some more. I was there from 11-4:30. Plus a two hour drive. Never got so much as an interview, and the way.....they don't have any pub jobs available anyway. WOW! One of the most ridiculous things I have ever done. If I didn't love being around my friends and in costume so much, I'd ban that damned place.

So, today, I have to fit in my entire weekend worth of chores because yesterday was a total and utter degrading waste of time. Better, happier, more sun-shiner post to start off the week tomorrow. I promise.

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