Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alarms and thinking back

So, I am running EXTREMELY late today. No time for a full post. So, I'll give an update and a memory instead. :)

The update is on the front yard. We discovered the hole underneath the cones to be about 8 feet deep and large enough to be a grave site. That was a bit disconcerting. The good news, the city was able to correct the issue and fill the hole while we were at work Monday. Now that's pretty quick for a city. I'll give them props on that. Hopefully, no other rivers will spring up in our lawn.

The memory is of us in Vegas. It was an amazing trip. It was in celebration of my graduation and our six month anniversary. I was so in love that I think I floated the entire trip. The photo above was one snapped during the fountain show at the Bellagio. Heaven. There are actually better photos from this trip, but this one is special to me. It was the day of our anniversary, and I knew that day that I would have married him there in Vegas if he'd asked. It was one of the best days yet!

Photo by him.

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