Sunday, March 21, 2010

An evening in introspection

Last night was my company's annual banquet. My husband looked SO good! Seriously handsome. I was just happy because I was able to wear my shoes and self-made jewelry from my wedding. It was nice to have on....nice to know it will be usable well after the wedding.

Anyhow, this year is different for two reasons. One, I'm not stag anymore! I've gone to those alone for quite a few years. My husband came as my year-long boyfriend last year, but it's much nicer to introduce him to my coworkers as my husband. Two, it was my ten year anniversary. In my company that means you get called up to the stage with a brief description of who you are. They hand you a very heavy glass award and take a photo with you. Really, no one pays attention, and being somewhere for ten years can be both good and bad, so I didn't expect it to matter at all to me. Just an excuse to buy a nicer than normal dress (since I had to go onto the stage) and something to put on my desk.

Turns out it matters more to me than I expected. That lady that shares and office with me told me how happy she is that she's worked with me for ten years. People congratulated me. I know for a fact that my boss appreciates me. I found myself sitting at our table, with a couple tears streaming down my cheeks. It was both happy and perhaps a little disappointed. I wish I'd been more adventurous in my career. When I told my husband how I felt, he told me not to regret the choices I've made because they have brought me to this moment. Had I chosen differently somewhere along the way, then I might not be in the car with him holding a trophy. I might not even know him at all. Well, he's just not worth giving up for anything, even a more adventurous career.

To a ten-year anniversary and our new marriage! It's been a fun and crazy month.

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