Thursday, July 29, 2010

Creaking in my bones!

I took the week off from "real" workouts and gym visits last week to get acclimated to Riley being with us. After all, she steals a whole lot of sleep and just general down time in the evenings. Therefore, I was barely coherent enough for work much less fitness.

This week, I'm hitting the workouts with renewed vim and vigor! I've been to the gym twice at lunch as of Wednesday and did an hour long belly dance practice for a performance this weekend. Plus, we've been playing with Riley every evening in an attempt to wear her butt OUT! Considering I'm losing some sleep and a little edgy over it, I've proud that I stuck to my guns and got back to my workout routines. They aren't as epic as some people's workouts, but I do think it's better than nothing! Heh.

Hoping to hit the gym again at lunch today! Plus more practice (the at home kind this time) for the performance Saturday. It's in front of a HUGE crowd! No pressure or anything, right?? I'm hoping that upping the activity level this week will help me with my energy during the performance. We'll see!

Man, skipping all workouts for a week makes me feel SO OLD when I start back up. You wouldn't think a silly little week would matter. Oh my, does it! I've had a whole lot of poppy and cracking and needed extra stretches. Nothing like breaking in your old bones all over again, eh? Perhaps this should be a lesson to me.....but I doubt it will be!

Does this happen to any of you?

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