Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rock the Reception

Have you heard of the show Rock the Reception on TLC? When I first saw it, OH, how I wanted to do it! But, my husband is NOT a dancer. He was not hip to the idea at all. As you all know, though, he did attend dance lessons (rather we never made it to a second lesson) with me. It was a huge testament to the fact that he'll do just about anything to make me happy. Dance lessons made me over the moon.

The reason I bring up Rock the Reception is not because we attempted anything like that, but because it may have looked as though we did. Our song, Everything by Michael Buble, started. We started dancing. Then about 30-45 seconds later, the music STOPPED. Just stopped. We'd has issue with the sound system all night. Turns out the speakers we borred from the husband's job were too powerful for the outlets provided by the venue. Now, to be fair, the venue flatly denies this, but the speakers worked again when we moved to new outlets.....until we blew that outlet's fuse too. We switched outlets about 4 times during the evening. Now, in Rock the Reception, the music stops, the guests gasp, then some funky dance beat starts and they break it down. We did no such thing. Our stoppage wasn't for theatrical effect. It was simply a technical malfunction. And I did not hear gasp one out of the crowd watching. So, there.

And what did we do when the music stopped?! We laughed. Yup. I also threw my arms up and yelled "FAIL!" while laughing. My hubby and the honorary techie for the night set to work and start the song again within a minute. We didn't start the song over. We didn't abandon the song. Nah, we just lined our feet back up and started again in the middle of the song.

This is where the music stopped.

This is right after I threw my arms up and
proclaimed the epic fail of the night.

We'd practice and practiced, but we hadn't anticipated the music dying. Who cares though?! We still had our dance, and we have some pretty killer photos of it too!

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