Friday, July 23, 2010

Food in Review

Riley.....pounced for the camera, which I foolishly moved to protect it
....and left my nose exposed!

Well, I did no better this week. I blame Riley. I think she fried my brain through sleep deprivation on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Still, we had great meals this week.

Sunday, I made Ashley's crunchy whole wheat pizza crust and topped it with turkey Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, and crimini mushrooms. The crust was fluffy and full of flavor!

Monday was turkey milanese with sun-dried tomato brussel sprouts. Milanese is basically any cutlet of meat, pounded very thinly, coated with flour, then egg, then bread crumb and sauteed till golden brown. It's served with lemon wedges. Simple and delicious.

Tuesday, left over whole wheat pizza dough was made into knots and baked for a yummy, warm, yeasty treat. Then I made a simple baby romaine caesar to go with baked gnocchi. I used sweet potato gnocchi topped with organic Bertolli marinara with sauteed onion and criminis and fresh mozzarella. It was total comfort food! I needed it after getting NO sleep Monday night.

Wednesday we had Greek-inspired pita sandwiches with grilled turkey cutlets marinated in a yogurt, lemon, garlic sauce. Each pita was garnished with baby greens, feta, tomatoes, red onion, and homemade sun-dried tomato hummus and served with sweet potato Terra chips. It was light and refreshing.

Thursday, Riley had to go to the vet. So, we ate out right down the street at I (heart) Sushi. We had a Philly Roll and a spicy crab roll along with a fried tofu appetizer. The change of pace was much-needed, as was the evening free of potty walks and quiet with the hubby. It's completely overwhelming to go from utterly care free in the evening to chore latent. Yet, somehow, the house isn't the same without that spunky little dog!

Happy Friday all!

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