Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Granola Bars - Attempt #3

These babies....oh....these are SO STINKIN' GOOD!!! Okay, so this is my trail of Mama Pea's bars. These probably aren't technically granola bars, right?! There's NO oats. There's just nuts, coconut, dried fruit, flax, and agave. I actually had to change the recipe a bit because of my dislike of apricots. So, I used half dried dates and half blueberry infused cranberries.

The smell coming out of the oven drove me absolutely wild. I had to channel Alton Brown's mantra of patience being rewarded in order to keep myself from devouring the pan as it came out of the oven.

The parchment was key for this recipe. I was able to pull the sticky mess out of the pan while piping hot. It cooled on that rack for about 20 minutes with the parchment. Then I flipped it out onto a small cutting board and very carefully peeled the parchment off. The bars will still warm. I'm glad I did it at that point. I think it would have stuck if I waited much longer. After they were completely cool, I cut and wrapped each bar in cling wrap.

They're totally awesome people! Make them.

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