Saturday, July 31, 2010

Better late....

Wow, today took off like a rocket. My apologies for not posting sooner!

Riley doesn't sleep in, of course. So my day started at 6am. Now, that's sort of sleeping in for me since I get up in the 5am hour during the work week, but that just seemed so early this morning! I relaxed with the pup till my hubby got out of bed then set to cleaning. After things were clean (enough), Riley and I set out on our daily walk. Unfortunately, we can't have our walk this evening because I have a belly dance performance tonight.

I was showered and out of the house at 9am, ready to put the chores behind me! Chores included the Lewisville Farmers' Market. The market had so many good things that I literally had to leave for cash and go back! I got fresh okra, potatoes, black eyed peas, onions and zucchini. They also had a Great Harvest booth!!! Thanks to KERF, I've been drooling over Great Harvest offerings, and now I get to try them! I picked up a loaf of dakota bread, a trek bar, whole wheat pizza dough, and pancake mix. After the market, I picked up our other grocery necessities and headed home.

Now, I have a pot of fresh peas cooking with fresh okra and onions, all from the market that I'll add some grilled sausage to with cornbread for dinner. Nothing like a market inspired dinner, right?! I cannot wait.

But first, dance rehearsal and dancing. Such a long day! Wish me luck. :)

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