Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When routine fails

Monday was all messed up by a vet appointment! Don't get me wrong, the vet was great. And she seemed delighted by my adorable little Riley! But having the appointment threw Riley off schedule. Therefore, she did not do just her usual 2am wake up call then go back to sleep. No! She did an 11pm wake up and a 4am wake up. The she whined from 4 til I got up and took her out of the room.

Just when I thought we might be in a routine we could suffer through with only mild inconvinience, she decides we don't really need sleep. DRAT! Silly dog.

It's not her fault though. She got treated for two different kinds of worms yesterday, and my guess is that she really wasn't feeling well after taking those two huge pills.

Perhaps we'll sleep tonight....and perhaps Cesar Millan will have something helpful to say about all this.

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