Monday, August 2, 2010


The vet sent us a thank you note last week after Riley's visit. It was a pretty generic note; they even stamped the inside of the card with a rubber stamp instead of writing the name of the clinic.

But they did hand-write the address. It was addressed to our family, not just me or even Riley. This caught my husband aback so much so that he had to show me the envelope when I got home.

I asked if he'd never considered that just by marrying me, he did indeed have a family. He said it had never really occurred to him until that moment.

I guess as women, if we chose to take our husband's names, we have to change SO MANY DOCUMENTS that maybe we take for granted that it sinks in faster for us. The only thing that changed for him was a piece of really cool jewelry....until last week when he realized he had a new little family all his own.

Awesome moment.

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