Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adventuring I go

Maybe it’s the heat of summer. Maybe it’s that the only “time away from home” we’ve had since our honeymoon was a weekend-only (as in no extra days off but the usual weekend) to Houston to visit my in-laws and Oklahoma to see my uncle’s plays. They were lovely trips, but very rushed with long hours in the car consuming chunks of the trip. Maybe it’s the tedium of work. All I know is that I am jonesing for a real adventure. A nice long one. Sadly, we are extremely shy on excess funds vacation days. I believe both have to do with a little wedding thing we threw. Have I mentioned the wedding on here before? Hmm, maybe I have. ;)

Anyhow, in search of a much needed adventure (and as a promise made during our best man’s speech which made addendums to our vows), I’ll be embarking on an ENTIRELY new-to-me voyage……into the realm of Dungeons & Dragons… husband’s greatest love, save me and the dog….maybe.

Now, I know someone has to be thinking a few things about this little adventure of mine. One, I’m a Rennie. I dress up funny and run around the woods with other people dressed funny and pretending to be from a completely bygone and often fictional place. How is my favorite activity so far removed from D&D? Okay, so to clarify, I don’t “play” other people. I’m me. Also, it’s active instead of on my couch. BIG differences. Plus, the only “quest” I have when at a renaissance festival is generally the search for good beer and maybe a new piece of costumry. Two, how does this count as an adventure? Well, I get to spend time doing something my husband absolutely loves and obsesses over. This is his baby. He’s running this game, straight out of his head. Time with my husband doing something at least one of us love counts for something. He dresses up with me, so it’s only fair(e!). Plus, it’s free. We don’t have to take time off work to do it, nor spend hours in the car.

The husband started explaining things to me last night in order to build a character. My head swam! There’s so much to know! Ugh. It’s like homework. But I’m usually a quick study, so I hope that I get over the “this is too hard to think about” phase quickly in order to actually experience what he enjoys so much. Right now, all I have is a character race and class. That’s not much. We have another “session” tonight to perhaps develop the character into something I can actually play. I was promised frozen yogurt upon completion. Hey….I need motivation too, right?!

Wish me luck.

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  1. hehe! We have a group that plays, and Jonathan runs it. It's so much fun! You'll love it! :)