Monday, August 16, 2010


My food addition did indeed lead me to the Coppell Farmers Market on Saturday morning before the D&D game. Sadly, I forgot cash! In my pursuit to find an ATM, I got turned around and got stuck in stand-still construction traffic! So frustrating. Wish a car-sick pup no less! Riley was not pleased. Our persistence eventually paid off in a bounty of fresh meat, veg, dairy, and baked goods! Plus, Riley LOVES saying hello to every single human and animal there. It wore her out! She slept most of the D&D game.

And what else has my little food addition lead me to? A few hours of food prep for the week. It's totally worth it so that I can manage to throw our lunches together quickly every morning instead of using up valuable morning time to do what can be done en masse on Sunday. My prep includes 10 yogurt and fruit parfaits (one for each of us per day) and making this blueberry apple yogurt bread (sans cinnamon due to the hubby's allergy). Plus, I want to try out a chipolte spread for our sandwiches this week!

What do you do for your "addictions" that might seem nutty to others?

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