Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Party for Two

Saturday night, I had the most amazing feeling of “all is right with the world”. We headed out for dinner at our usual, monthly celebratory spot: BJs Brewhouse. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but my husband takes me there EVERY month near the 15th to celebrate our first date. Saturday happened to be the 21st, so it was also the six month mark for our nuptials. I am still floored by how romantic it is that he takes me there every month.

When we arrived at BJs, the parking lot was so jam-packed I worried that my mini-euphoria would be disrupted by waiting an hour to get a table. I was dropped off at the door to put our name in and happened to mention to the hostess that I was going to look around the bar for an open table. She turned around, pointed to a table, and said, “that’s considered the bar….you can have that one right now if you like”. I practically sprinted to the little table. SCORE! The quoted 30-45 minute wait was nullified and frosty pints of beer were headed our way.

My husband was a little floored, but extra grateful when I told him what had just happened. As odd as it may sound, that one little thing really made my night. We ended up going with their Party for Two menu. Seriously, go get this. It is two salads, a medium pizza, and a pizzookie to split (all flavors of your choosing) for $19.95. The medium pizzas alone are over $20! He had a Caesar. I had a wedge. Then we went with the BBQ chicken and a white chocolate macadamia nut pizzookie (his all-time favorite cookie flavor). Plus two beers each: a Jeremiah red and Kwak for him and a Harvest Hefe and Jeremiah for me.

We talked for several hours. Good, meaningful talk that seem to only happen under certain situations. It was relaxed and comfortable, but also somewhat serious. We’d talked earlier in the day about possible strategies for me – for taking steps to being happier on a daily basis. The theme of tackling big, important topics continued during dinner. We were able to talk about stuff that we generally don’t bother bringing up on any sort of daily basis. It made me feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life….supporting me.

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