Saturday, August 21, 2010

Early mornings

I got up at six this morning with Ms. Restless Wiggle Butt herself. Seems Riley has her own little body clock going for her. She's usually out of bed and playing by 6am, and it being Saturday did not make one ounce of difference to her!

Thankfully, 6am is still sleeping in by an hour for me. Not as much "make up" sleep as I'd hoped for though, considering the last three nights were sleepless.

Riley's restlessness and being up all night ill from a vaccination weren't the only things keeping me awake those nights though. I wasn't able to quiet my mind long enough to sleep. That comes and goes for me. And it happens far, far less now that I have such a great man in my life. But it still happens occasionally.

The last three nights I've felt as restless as Riley in her kennel at 6:01. The need for a change feels strong and imminent. Perhaps soon, a door will open. Or heck, someone crack a window. I'm willing to work to pry it the rest of the way open!

Until then....I have the farmers market, a girls' lunch, and celebratory dinner with my husband! Oh what, you think I'd forget that we've been married for six months as of today?! Not a chance.

And so, I leave you with this....

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