Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The power of giving

I hate asking for things. When someone asks me if there's something I want for my birthday or for Christmas, I really never answer it. I can have something in mind, and I usually still won't answer that question. I realize that's a little silly, but I have always felt awkward asking for something to be given to me. That goes way back to how I was raised (for which I am very grateful!) that says that if I didn't EARN it, then I shouldn't be GIVEN it. It makes accepting generous gifts utterly humbling.

Giving, however, I absolutely love! I don't talk about it much, but the things that I make on this site aren't solely consumed by the husband and me. What's the fun in that?!

With every batch of goodies made, people at my place of business and my husband's benefit! I love the giddy looks people give us when we hand them a little baggie (and I'm talking little snack bags, nothing fancy here) with a homemade treat inside. I've given strict instructions to my husband to report back every single emotion/expression/comment made when doling out my little gifts. That's MY gift in return.

So to all of the guys and gals that act as my food-testing guinea pigs, thanks for the feedback! As long as you keep lavishing me with praise, constructive criticism, and suggestions; I'll keep providing more little treats for you to test.

I call that a win-win situation.

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