Monday, August 9, 2010

Ode to napping

Is there anything more glorious than napping on Sunday?! Seriously. I think not.

After brunch, we were full of carb-y goodness from the whole grain spelt and millet crusty artisan bread I put in the strata and mimosas. We loaded Riley into her kennel so that she'd be forced to calm down a bit. Company had her very excited!

I took a piece of the sectional. He took a piece of the sectional. Riley laid down in her "house". Oliver cuddled with me. And.....all of us PASSED OUT for over two hours. It was epic in its gloriousness!

See, my husband is the world's worst napper. Me, I could do it any time, any where. That's a trait that runs deep through my entire family. So, for him to be in a deep restful sleep speaks volumes to how much we needed a family nap. We wouldn't have made it through puppy training class without it!

Three cheers for the nap!

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