Friday, August 6, 2010

Food in Review

This week was a series of repeatable meals for the sake of ease. Well, ease, and great farmers market finds!

We had black eyed pea stew - simmered fresh peas, okra, and onions from the market with organic fire roasted tomatoes, hot sauce and old bay. I added grilled turkey smoked sausage and cornbread for two fantastic meals this week.

We also had veggie enchiladas, also filled with market finds of zucchini and onions. I added frozen spinach and corn along with a bevvy of spices (cumin, chili powder, cayenne, garlic, and salt) to make a nice Mexican-style veggie filling to stuff into corn tortillas. They were topped in salsa verde and mixed cheddar cheeses to make them out-of-this-world good. Sadly, they refused to hold together. So, they were more enchilada casserole by the time they hit the plate than enchiladas. By hey, it still tasted good! I even made a pan of them for my Grama. It's her favorite dish of mine. We had that twice as well.

Lastly, I used free range chicken breast cut into nuggets to make buttermilk ranch oven-roasted chicken nuggets. The key to crispy nuggets that aren't actually fried is panko crumbs as the outer coating + baking at a high heat on a cooling rack. I cooked these for 15 minutes on 425 (or there abouts), but be sure to cut one open or use a thermometer to ensure they're done please. These babies were eaten as is with mashed potatoes the first time and on a salad of greens, apple, feta, and avocado the second time. Totally delicious. And not nearly as bad for you as it sounds! I used buttermilk and a spicy ranch packet (a bit of the packet, not nearly the whole package of seasoning) as the "ranch"m portion. Buttermilk is naturally low in fat.

And....because it's Friday and that makes me happy.....a little puppy love for you!

Get that rope Ri! Show it who's boss!!!!

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