Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It would happen that I write a sweet post about how lucky I am…..and minutes before the scheduled post, the husband repeatedly runs the dog into my feet trying to “get the dog to knock me off” my high heels. It really hurt too! She managed to hit me with such force, chasing after a rubber mini tire that the husband aimed at me, that she literally turned my foot sideways in my shoe. Oh well. She got him back for “forcing” her to run into Mommy by biting his finger during the same play session.

Onto other topics though. I’ve been thinking a lot, nearly nonstop because my brain has little else to do during the day, about what I should do to move toward a more fulfilling, happy life. On the way home from the farmers market Saturday morning, with a very tuckered dog sleeping across my lap, my husband and I talked about how passionate the farmers and ranchers were at the market. That is the ultimate to me… be THAT passionate about what you do for a living. The guy I buy fish from catches those fish during the week, and he was literally ecstatic about some of his catches. He pulled them out of the cooler with such flair, talking about how wonderful it was and how he liked to cook them. The lady that we bought grass fed, naturally raised beef and pork from commented about how excited I got because I exclaimed to my husband “oh that is some beautiful meat”. She giggled – possibly because of the awkward innuendo – and said, “That’s awesome that someone finds meat as beautiful as we do!” Even my wedding photographer puts up facebook comments regularly saying how much she loves her job.

They live for their work, but not in the way that some people are chained to their desks. They ENJOY their work. They find it fulfilling. It adds to their joy instead of keeping them from the joy of their non-work life.

So how do you get there? I actually googled “how to find your passion” yesterday. Then I felt pretty darn pathetic. All of the findings on the first page were Oprah-esque, self-help, evangelistic motivational speakers. To me, they give you reasons to find your passion (which I already have), but never really any way of helping to locate it. Not exactly a fruitful search.

After much thought, I came up with a couple things that I know I’m passionate about but don’t know how I’d turn them into a career…..especially without a lot of training. I’m so reluctant to go back to school because it didn’t pay off for me this last time. Yeah, I have a bachelor degree but with no real hope of using it. It’s a business degree. I thought that would be useful. Turns out, it’s only useful in booming economies, which we are NOT in. Heck, I’m still paying off my loans on it! Would incurring more debt really be wise, especially when there is never a guarantee that it will be useful at all?

The result of all this mental meandering? Google searches for culinary programs. And a lot more to think about.

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