Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have another confession to make….

………….I do not like overnight oats!

Okay, so maybe that doesn’t sound like a big thing to any non-healthy-living-blog reader. But if you read multitudes of healthy living blogs like I do, then you might understand why this seems like such a big deal to me. I have read the praises of overnight oats almost every morning of this summer. Many mornings, I see bowl after bowl of them. They look luscious. I finally found chia seeds, and my first thought was overnight oats!

Last night, I put my ingredients into a plastic container with much excitement: oats, chia seeds, organic milk, cinnamon, and a splash of maple syrup. I shook them up and plopped them in the fridge next to my drinkable yogurt from the farmers market.

I practically ran to the fridge in the morning! SO EXCITED….to find something rather unappealing looking. It looked slightly better after a stir…..but the texture and flavor were horrid. I very definitely DO NOT like my oats cold. So, I nuked the batch and had hot oats. This made the mixture edible but still not very tasty. And now the texture was completely horrid. It was a bowl of mush. But a healthy bowl of mush, so I forced myself to eat it after the addition of a spoonful of homemade nut butter. I will not be attempting this again, sadly. Hot oats all the way, baby.

At least the drinkable yogurt was as silky and wonderful as ever! If you’re anywhere near Coppell, TX…GO TO THE FARMERS MARKET! There. I said it.

Now go.

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