Sunday, August 8, 2010

Excellent weekend

So far...this weekend rocks!

We took Riley to her first farmers market in Coppell. The market is AMAZING. Fresh veg, fresh organic dairy, fresh grain-fed beef, fresh tamales....oh my! And dog. Oh the dogs. She nearly choked herself at first from pulling on the leash with excitement. Then she calmed down when she realized we'd actually let her get to each and every dog if she'd just relax a bit. We came home with some lovely things and a very tired, very content Riley.

The rest of the day was spent lazy with our little family. I cooked. Riley played. We all napped!

And today, I have a strata working in the oven, giving off to-die-for smells and stuff for mimosas chilling in the fridge. Why?
Because these two are coming over for Sunday brunch! And to meet the little wiggle butt.

Then puppy training class! See you tomorrow.

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