Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gaming reviewed

Guest again! If you’re curious about the semantics of how the game went for me, please check out the hubby’s blog. I wrote a little something, something for him.

But over here, I wanted to expand on the mushier side of why I did what I did. Cool?

Okay, so overall, the battles were fun (after I figured it out a bit) and the non-battle were boring, nuff said.

But there’s more to it.

Like when my husband reached over and held my hand during the game.

Or how he spent every evening last week creating my little Halfling character, trying to make it as streamlined and straight-forward for me as possible without making the decisions for me, so that I legitimately made my own character! (Just with oodles of help from him.)

Or how he created a little mini battle for me Friday night so that I would feel more comfortable Saturday morning during the game.

Or how his friends were genuinely excited that I was joining them instead of looking at me like some tag-along or dead-weight.

I don’t consider myself a gamer, and I certainly won’t play in every campaign, but to have my husband WANT me there and be supported by his friends too… that’s just priceless and worth a couple hours of my time every now and again.

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